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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chargespeed Supra For Contest meh bout 90% done : D

This is my favorite car.(<3) I just love this car SO much so i really did my hardest and got it close to finished! My second conversion from a game and still with no help D:. Im suprised i got it to work so well i thought i was fucked and i would never have a car for this contest but i have one! :D and this car still need to be conpletly finished here are so things to make 100% : )
-map SA Style lights (even tho they suck lol)
-fix misplaced parts (not really notable lol)
-remap wheels (fix reflection lol)
and now PICS! YAY!

PS:i made that huge spoiler an extra so people wont bitch at me LOL RICER! so please STFU and enjoy my work lol.

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