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Saturday, August 30, 2008

no releases

wow, after i specifically put in the readmeh of my r32 i released ages ago to NOT use my parts or i wont do any releases, somebody still used my parts without asking. i was planning to make a juiced 2 car pack but i wont now, my mods will only be givin to a selected few that i have known and i trust.

and just a little message to vibrator(shake) since he banned me from his cb: quit ricing/ruining exotic and rare cars, and why do you delete EVERYTHING i say even when i usually dont even say anything bad except your ruining cars. just quit running away from the fact that you RUIN cars.

and to you people who are caling bl3w's supra rice: do you know what rice is? check google or if your too lazy/gangsta/wiggertastic to do that ill tell you right here, huge 20+ inch rims,giant spoilers (like what was on my chargespeed supra lmao) tons of stickers/pointless and ugly unfitting paintjobs, the same parts in every single car you have ever done(shake lol), bright neon colors that hurt your eyes,huge ricer exhaust pipes, stretched bodykits, "Drift"or "street" tuning more like rice tuning

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