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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sangers and Vibrators behaviour (lmfao)

even made friends with people JUST to get mods that are more mature then me Well most of you have witnessed this recent outrage of all these twats, mainly sanger and Vibrator (Shake lol) well i honestly have no clue what got them so pissed off, its kinda funny that they resort to releasing everyones mods cause thats the only thing they CAN do, and sangerlol, its a fucking game first of all, and second LOL UR LIKE 12 LMAO. and you keep saying romanaia POWA! lol spamming gives you power? power to what? lol. and your behavor is that of a 8 year old not a 12 year old, i know 12 year oldslol, adn lol at least learn to speak english properly! if anything who gives a fuck stay on your romanian blog and post all your shit in romanian. I dont see why your so pissed at people saying your mods are half assed cause they ARE lol. and sanger i thought you left gta? lol? and shake im not calling you shake from now on your vibrator OR dildo both fit. and i love how all this is focused on me as WHAT DID I DO SO BAD? lmao, i only said his mods are MEH like tons of other people lol, and half the people you have cars from i know you never met, have you TALKED to sharent2 or pio? if you want to know why mostly everyone hates you except you "romanians" its because if how you act and what you DO lol. and yes as most know i am emo, no i dont cut thats a stereotype but i do have the hair and clothes : / and no im not GAY lmfao. but still lmao wtf is the only thing you can do steal mods and relese them? and spam? lol. and you cant even get the balls to speak to me in english. and you have a really big mouth for a 12 year old, if i were to see if you real life you have no clue what i would do to u you it would be so gruesome and hardcore i cant explain with most of you puking ;p. and shake lmfao you sided with sanger? and a week or so ago u said you hated him rolf, and your behavior is also very childish just like sanger's and when i told you that you were just liek sanger you got extremely pissed lol, well you guys make no sense to me rofl and i hope you can read this but if you cant then thats too bad ;p Explain to meeeeaaa this conspiracy against meeeeeeaaaaayeaaaaaeeeaaaaa ;p

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