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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey whores, noobs, friends and twats. I r herez 2 prezent ze new poopspeed carz. Some dumb nub hacked noedel and got my Supra. Now [GDT]Shark is using my Supra as a bribe for people to join their gay ricer clan. Free2Drift is passing it to everyone along with Neo, Matts and hyatzumi and most likely sanger aswell. i really dont see why everyone hates me so much to steal my shit, seeing as how i never did anything to them. and the people who are passing my car wont even grow some balls and talk to me. Well here is the Chargespeed FD3S i did for somebody ;p

Download? Fuck no and nobody else has it so hack me this time niggers. And the pics of the S2000 and updated Supra will be here soon ;)


Kane said...

Hello.i'm Chinese..

i'm very like this car..

It's very very cool~~~

Can you give me this car??

please send to


and my blog is

GTA for MOD said...

Hi,I'm Chinese.
Ayour mod is made very good!
I like this fd very much !!
Can you send this fd MOD to me?
My Email Address:
Thank you!!