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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stock supra FOR J00

Sorry for being retarded. : /

I know their already is a stock supra converted from j2 on gtainside but i still figured id do my own since it was sitting in a z3d half done for a week or so ;o (Download at bottom of post :) )
it r haz:
-good collision
-Sa Style lights
-Sa Style Plates
-realisticish handling lol
-no damage cause im lazy lol
-all stock :)
-3 extras ;o!


1 comment:

U-505 said...

Nice to meet you supralov3r.
Your Supra is so cool :D
I have remodeled the SA cars too.

I have a question for you.
I tried to convert Juiced2 cars to GTASA by Zmodeler2.
But the texture has been removed many times X(
Could you tell me how to convert from Juiced2 to GTASA?