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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FC for Drifty's contest?

Not sure bout whats up wif the contest cause i haven't checked yet but heres my FC
shat i did:
-2 different rims (thansk to fujicakes for modeling the sweet back drag wheels ;D)
-highpoly V8 engine (33k polys by itself xD)
-modeled my name and lit as neon P:
-modeled a fuel cell (idea from bl3w)
-modeled allstar killswitch (idea from bl3w)
-side pipes xD
-flipped interior and remapped the entire thing for right hand drive and a higher res carpet
-battery is from the Kei Office S15 by Blessed/SupaSupra (was too lazy to model lmfao)
-ripped hood scoop from j2 and spliced to the FC's hood ;)
-pj from LFS creds to whoever amde it ;0 i just moved some decals lol
-modeled another License plate :3
-modeled alpine stereo
-stole the guages i modeled for my 86 and stuck them in xD
-mph/rpm main guages from the FD in j2
-8 ball shift knob xD
-ummm momo sterring wheel from j2
-seats from j2 retextured red
-modeled some quick rear lights (not great i know but i did in like 5 mins lol :S)
-modeled teh A/C mesh thingy in interior xD (cant see well in pics :S)
-modeled the enginebay
-edited the body/front bumper : )

I hope i place alright in the competition : )