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Friday, November 28, 2008

More stolen shit. again.

Welp, more shit has been stolen from me (mainly bl3w D::!!). Some noob named "Drift-Fusion" made "his" S14 and released it with parts from bl3w's engine in it (failure). The intake is backwards along with the turbo they dont even connect or come close to the engine block (lmfao). Obviously another kid who has no clue on how cars even work. the turbo fan which I modeled and put on my chargespeed supra was convieniently placed in the turbo "RB26" of Drift-Fusion's s14. I specifically put in the readme dont edit/steal my shit period and i even locked the dff and put a message in the dff saying DONT EDIT OR STEAL MY SHIT with a copyright symbol. Damn kids never learn, yes im a "kid" myself but im more mature than these kids. no more shit released EVER. this is the reason why i was GOING to leave this shitty community, yea it has some good people (bl3w, fujicakes :], SDrifter, Gwippy McGwipples ;D, Ryo200, etc) but for the most part their just dumb kids who steal and make anything they think is "cool". Im just gonna keep to myself and my friends from now on, and im just gonna chill with my girlfriend and freinds from school fuck this shit.


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