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Monday, December 15, 2008


yesh peepsicles i haz GTA IV. After nearly a week of downloading i finally got it rolf. I had tons of problems with it at first and i had to read up on various bugs/error codes of it. Found out i needed to install the XP SP3 update and i had to reinstall windows LIVE. My Nvidia 7950 GT plays IV on LOWEST quite shittily. im building a new rig this weekend tho so i should be able to play on high at a good fps. i used some hack/mod thingy to be able to edit the handling so i installed a drift line on the blista. great fun and it looks damn good even on lowest lol.

pics of mah blista ;D :

^after xD^

blista drifting wewt! ima install the line on a minivan next :P