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Friday, January 16, 2009

Chargespeed Scoobaroo

Well while i was having a mental breakdown on the phone with my gf, i started working i something i thought would be impossible for me to do since i suck at everything. lolz. But i did it and it came out nice :0. Id like to give special thanks to my gf kandi for helping me through my moments. . .


I made a system in the boot for it. came out quite well i think, the blue rings on them light up purple at night, ingame pics as soon as i reinstall San Andreas. I also added the intercooler from my 86 with some edits and a turbo and a scratch made bewst gauge which also lights up purple lolz. I r love purple :D



mama9456 said...

Your impreza is good I also am the GTA amateur I appreciate your vehicle I am the impreza amateur If you allow May share your vehicle?? I will have the personal character I not to exit yours work to the class, I will take care of properly May give me your impreza?? Asking!!

mama9456 said...


This is my email My moral behavior guarantee I will not let your good work flow out only strive for sharing Your art

I deeply love impreza Asking!! ><

I will promise you not to give others to transfer the files to exit!! ok.....?