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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Im grounded for a while...

well my mom grounded me for "not telling her" i was staying after school with my gf and a bunch of other people. Then we later saw a movie and hung out at sb's. I told her about these plans on monday and she never forgets fucking anything but now she fucking does. as soon as she dropped off my gf she started bitching at me about never being home now, and how i never told her i was staying after school. I told her i DID tell you i was staying after school on monday and she just had to say NO YOOU DIDN'T. About the not being home shit i said im glad to be away from you thats why. Now all my plans for this week and the week after are fucked. i cant even talk to my gf seeing as how my mom took my phone which I PAYED FOR. i was so damn pissed i went to bed at 10pm yesterday. Then I woke up at 3pm to hear my mom bitching at me to shovel the drive, i said no. She literally punched me in the face and ribs and threw me outside, in my pj's. After i did 1 part of the driveway and came back in i finally vented and bitched her out. Im still so fucking pissed right now. I cant hang with any of my friends, i cant talk to my gf, i cant even go outside. I need a fucking smoke, i cant take much more of this shit. Too bad I only have half a pack left, i feel like i could smoke a whole carton right fucking now. I have nothing else to damn do so ill probably be on msn for a while now and ill work on some of the projects i haven't touched in weeks. Goddammit i cant find my damn lighter, she probably found it and took it. Fucking bitch.

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