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Monday, January 19, 2009


i haz more projektz im working on now. If i talk to you on msn you already know them but ill give a few hints to the people who dont know:

picture names really give it away but oh well. :P! Dont call the civic rice because it isn't lolz.

Mewgin and Lawlvo!!! Chea!!! ill be the first to do a volvo 242 for san andreas, im sure bl3w will be happy, stock version will come after i get it ingame and working. i need to model glass on it since 3D Ripper didn't rip the glass for some reason. The Mewgin was something i thought of after helping my friend Travis convert ze engine and slim down the polycount on it. We were done and i really wanted to thrown that engine in a honda since it was mugen but had no clue, then i thought of a mugen civic! The civic was converted from juiced 2 by tom2 so creds to him, i only edited all the materials and modeled/added some shit on it.

More updates on these 2 projektz later. im off to bed lmfao


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