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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scion tC Rado FINISHED

I finished the Psyawn TeeSee Raydow. :o i think it came out pretty damn nice.
Heres a List of shit done:
- Kit from j2, heavily edited by supralov3r©
- Intercooler/piping from SLRR original by Rodney007
- Exhaust Header/Turbo from SLRR by NIX© and Mihon© edited by supralov3r©
- Light Up Name on grill by supralov3r© (Not vehiclelights)
- Red Under Dash Neons by supralov3r© (Not vehiclelights)
- Rims Converted from GRID by supralov3r© (dunno the name of em lol their on the 350)
- Exhaust by DDS Team textured by supralov3r©
- Scratch made 3d Scion stereo by supralov3r©
- Newport Cigarette Pack scratch made by supralov3r© (What i smoke now lol)
- Red Neon hood squirters ;0 by supralov3r©
- Spider Gear Shift Knob scratch made by supralov3r©
- Momo Steering Wheel Converted from j2 by supralov3r©
- 3d Boost guage Scratch made by supralov3r©
- Ipod nano Scratch made by supralov3r©
- Woofers by JVT©
- Seats Converted from RBR by supralov3r© original author RTS©
- some other crap i cant remember lol

I will release a more Stockish version sometime soon prolly. I aint releasing my version with all the scratch made stuff for people to steal, cause im sick of that shit. I lock my dff's for a reason you assholes.


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