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Sunday, August 30, 2009

lol cigarettes

are annoying as fuck. Quit for 2 weeks then i ended up getting pissed at people n started again. Went through a bunch o diff types. Marb Reds, Smooths, Lucky Strikes, Newports, Marlboro Lights, Ultra Lights, Marb Menthols. Dunno wtf i like the most i get whatever now lawl. Hopefully i will quit for REAL soon cause its too damn expensive without a job n a $5 allowence which i blow within the day i get it on cigs.

Also dunno what to do wtih the video game crap, been playing alot of Nitto 1320 when im bored as FAWK n been thinking about starting some gta shit once again since i got nothing else to do yet. School starts in a week or so, so till then no clue. Maybe more updates soon idk. lolz