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Friday, July 25, 2008

Buda-Shake's Anthum [Tunak Tunak Tan ]

creds to vertex for showing me this vid LMAO

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pics of those poll cars



JGTC souprah:



Jesse James ratrod:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MY Nissan Skyline C10

I felt like doing a better verson of this just to piss off shake.(lol)no it isnt his i downloaded abc123's model then did it myself in a little more than a hour lol. Ima post this one for DL. ;p
Wut i did different:
- Sa Style lights
-remapped interior
-haz a enginez lol
-made a realistic line
-driver doesnt have to jump on roof with my line lol
-and i modeled some windows rofl it like had none :S


im not dead lol

well. . .ive been doing a bunch of shit for some people and will update my blog soon lol

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My try at scratch modeling. . .

Well still got tons of shit to do/convert for some people so i figured id take a little break and try some scratch modeling. :D This is my first time doign a car ive done logos,plates,stereos and some other shit but this will be my first attemp at a actual car lol. I could use some pointers from experienced people. thanks. :D

Im probably gonna give up on this in a little while lol. Ill send it to you if you want to try and fix my shit work :S

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

help meh if you can

here is a kinda shitty pic of a license plate i want. I want to make a good texture for it but all the pics ive found are small and low quality like this one. If someone can find a better (bigger) pic of it ill be happeh! : D

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Monday, July 14, 2008

Toyota MR2 with Ferrari Replica Kit

So how do you like my Supra? PWNED. Well finally gonna revile my Special Contest car lol. Another conversion from juiced 2,this time with working SA Style lights and i even remembered to put a exhaust pipe on it! lol heres some pics:

The Wheels are from Pro Street, Iforged Emotion's, the ones from juiced were too highpoly lol.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


ok i made up my mind i love my Supra too much and im not going to risk passing it to the "judges" lol,sanger or somebody will probably bribe them into send them my car D:. So ill convert a car nobody would guess! : P i still love this car im going to convert alot and it is very,how should i say it. . .unique :P i will keep the identity of this car secret until i feel i should tell : D

HINT: the car itself isnt exotic but a bodykit/widebodykit you can apply makes it look like one :P

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chargespeed Supra For Contest meh bout 90% done : D

This is my favorite car.(<3) I just love this car SO much so i really did my hardest and got it close to finished! My second conversion from a game and still with no help D:. Im suprised i got it to work so well i thought i was fucked and i would never have a car for this contest but i have one! :D and this car still need to be conpletly finished here are so things to make 100% : )
-map SA Style lights (even tho they suck lol)
-fix misplaced parts (not really notable lol)
-remap wheels (fix reflection lol)
and now PICS! YAY!

PS:i made that huge spoiler an extra so people wont bitch at me LOL RICER! so please STFU and enjoy my work lol.

SDrifter contest car + personal conversion from Juiced 2

I am really happy i got my models from Juiced 2 ripped : D for the contest im doing the chargespeed supra for a personal mod im doing a 03 eclipse like my dad just bought.(XD)


Eclipse(WIP lol):

The supra is my main project so that is closer to finish the eclipse meh not so much D: lol

Friday, July 11, 2008

i need help!. . . .BADLEY

I got new video card (Nvidia GeForce 7950 GT) from my friend for $50 lol.(hes a rich fuckXD) And i uninstall old nvida drivers then reboot install new one then reboot and : O it worked so i play Juiced 2 and it works, then i go to play San Andreas and as soon as i click on the exe or shortcut it crashes D:. i tried all other games i have like Pro Street,Sims 2 etc. all work but San Andreas T__T if you know how to fix tell meh. thanks D:

EDIT: LOL i fixed it now it runs : D thanks gtaforums XD i had to delete the old gta.set file lol

Friday, July 4, 2008

i was too late to send pics of my Contest s15 soo...

Here it is LOL! I love what i did to it its WAY better than Shake's POS of a car. Plus everyone has his car now (hehe) here is some pic of this beast:

PS: yes i figured out suicide doors lol