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Saturday, August 30, 2008

no releases

wow, after i specifically put in the readmeh of my r32 i released ages ago to NOT use my parts or i wont do any releases, somebody still used my parts without asking. i was planning to make a juiced 2 car pack but i wont now, my mods will only be givin to a selected few that i have known and i trust.

and just a little message to vibrator(shake) since he banned me from his cb: quit ricing/ruining exotic and rare cars, and why do you delete EVERYTHING i say even when i usually dont even say anything bad except your ruining cars. just quit running away from the fact that you RUIN cars.

and to you people who are caling bl3w's supra rice: do you know what rice is? check google or if your too lazy/gangsta/wiggertastic to do that ill tell you right here, huge 20+ inch rims,giant spoilers (like what was on my chargespeed supra lmao) tons of stickers/pointless and ugly unfitting paintjobs, the same parts in every single car you have ever done(shake lol), bright neon colors that hurt your eyes,huge ricer exhaust pipes, stretched bodykits, "Drift"or "street" tuning more like rice tuning

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Diablo Smart (a smart with 180+hp lol)

I saw a vid about this on pooptube and it was like WOAH WTF, so i decided to make my own version of it :P Heres the vids i saw of it:

Original model by:Alegator
Shit i did lol:
-added GSX R engine ( found somewhere :) )
-modeled shifter knobs/bars
-new seat (red like the real one ;o)
-new steering from juiced lol
-new OZ wheels not the right ones but i like these moar :)
-modeled engine cover/airfilters/GSX R logo
-remapped interior black cause it looked cool :P
-bike exhaust with tubing modeled by me ;0
-made a quick pj thats similar to the real one :D

pic of it owning a F430 like in the video :)
sorry for my shitty photoshoping i suck at photoshop lol >_<

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

parts from j2 ;o

got parts working in zmod from j2 they look great on my 86 thats still wip ;o

got parts working in zmod from j2 they look great on my 86 thats still wip ;o

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marlboro Lights

Modeled some ciggies, the one i smoke every once and a while, and meh i bet ill get people saying DONT SMOKE ITS BAD F0r J00! Well i dont do it constantly more like maybe twice a month or so, so piss off lol. Its only like 508 polys, not bad seeing as its fairly made in like 20 mins total while i was tired lol :)
lid is openable and cigs can be moved

the box when closed

veilside poopurah for DL

there is the REAL link for my supra not that other one that sanger and friends uploaded and called their own, nice try ya twats but its not yours so fuck off now, and i fixed a few bugs that i guess u guys couldnt fix? lmao enjoi peeps.

Monday, August 18, 2008


compare my veilside poopurah with no seats or rollbar and kalashs. mine 1st kalashs 2nd



kit is the same no dip, but also the lights, intercooler, and dummy placement is the same, only "changes" are teh seats, spoiler and it also has the same wheels but their black so you cant tell they're teh same. nice try kalash but you aint fooling anybody, i really dont like this kit it really ruins the shape of the supra plus the front is terrible lmfao but wow, gettign my car off sangercunt doing some easy shit to it and callng it your own? riiiight.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Veilside supra

i did this for MaxDrift liek a month ago and never posted pics of it for some reason o_O. Well heres some pics, the body and shit s from Pro Street and the bodykit is from juiced 2 i spliced the 2 lol. :D
Shit i did:
-Iforged Aero's
-bodykit from j2
-8 point rollycage :D
-changed engine from the one max put in( i didnt like it :S )
-fixed tach
-fixed duplicated verticies
-fixed interior spec (so it isnt shiny in HDR lol)
Shit max did:
-added tach
-new exhaust
-had a diff engine that i swapped out
now piks ;p:

NIKO AGAIN!!!!! :O!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Interior Crocodile Alligator

The forgotton supra. . .

I converted this supra from Pro Street a LOOONG time ago and i just found it when looking for some parts in my parts folder lol. Basically just a straight convert nuttin too fancy : D
What i did:
-bl3w's other(older) engine
-Iforged Aero (wheels)
-modeled the Monster Energy™ logo(best drink EVER :D)
-modeled led headlights : O
-modeled a REAL Japanese plate this time and the district is even Osaka! (where im from ^^)
-one single bucket seat : D
-8 point rollcage
-SA lights
-made the pj myself (yes by myself noedel didnt do it :D)
NIKO! : O!!!


Friday, August 8, 2008

: O

: O

Eklipze ;p

I finished up ze eklipze i had from a long time ago it still has one bug thats obvious ill fix later (between the door and interior has no texture lol)
No download cause i dont feel like it ;p maybe some other time


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sangers and Vibrators behaviour (lmfao)

even made friends with people JUST to get mods that are more mature then me Well most of you have witnessed this recent outrage of all these twats, mainly sanger and Vibrator (Shake lol) well i honestly have no clue what got them so pissed off, its kinda funny that they resort to releasing everyones mods cause thats the only thing they CAN do, and sangerlol, its a fucking game first of all, and second LOL UR LIKE 12 LMAO. and you keep saying romanaia POWA! lol spamming gives you power? power to what? lol. and your behavor is that of a 8 year old not a 12 year old, i know 12 year oldslol, adn lol at least learn to speak english properly! if anything who gives a fuck stay on your romanian blog and post all your shit in romanian. I dont see why your so pissed at people saying your mods are half assed cause they ARE lol. and sanger i thought you left gta? lol? and shake im not calling you shake from now on your vibrator OR dildo both fit. and i love how all this is focused on me as WHAT DID I DO SO BAD? lmao, i only said his mods are MEH like tons of other people lol, and half the people you have cars from i know you never met, have you TALKED to sharent2 or pio? if you want to know why mostly everyone hates you except you "romanians" its because if how you act and what you DO lol. and yes as most know i am emo, no i dont cut thats a stereotype but i do have the hair and clothes : / and no im not GAY lmfao. but still lmao wtf is the only thing you can do steal mods and relese them? and spam? lol. and you cant even get the balls to speak to me in english. and you have a really big mouth for a 12 year old, if i were to see if you real life you have no clue what i would do to u you it would be so gruesome and hardcore i cant explain with most of you puking ;p. and shake lmfao you sided with sanger? and a week or so ago u said you hated him rolf, and your behavior is also very childish just like sanger's and when i told you that you were just liek sanger you got extremely pissed lol, well you guys make no sense to me rofl and i hope you can read this but if you cant then thats too bad ;p Explain to meeeeaaa this conspiracy against meeeeeeaaaaayeaaaaaeeeaaaaa ;p

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fixed bus normals

well i fixed the bus's normals cause they looked liek shit with HDR thanks to XSB for normals help as they wouldnt calculate. Ill upload another fixed one later with a interior that isnt shiny i did this one fast and to make it not shiny the method takes a long time lol


Sunday, August 3, 2008


ROFL click on the link to watch it LMAO


lol here is this bus lmao,i made a line for drifting around the LV freeway ur gonna be lolling around LV lol. Shit i did:
-modeled a volvo logo
-COMPLETY redid the texturing : /
-made a handling line and added new colors
-made it enterable ZOMG NO WAI


Sanger tried to hack me LMAO

Well i woke up around 4 pm today like i usually do to find about 13 msn messages up : / i was like WTF i signed off. So i talked to people and asked when i was on they said aboot 6 hours ago (i was sleeping lol) then slick told me some shit about that Tubkez or whatever the fuck and they signed in as some other person and gave me a link to some website where i signed up not knowing they were going to use my password to change shit lol. So i belive its either all Tubkez or it was for that dumb kid Sanger who tried to hack me. im still rofling at this seeing as how my clan has a password set up so if on the occasion somebody posed as me then can tell and they wont send anything. so sanger....... OWNED! BTW grow the fuck up you dumb kid, who tries to steal someones msn for a fucking car lol IN A GAME! ROFL

Friday, August 1, 2008

: O

: O NO WAI! : O