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Sunday, December 21, 2008

projects! projects! projects!

Well i got a shitload of projects to do so within the next few days ill make a update of one of em atleast. Ive got engines to convert and cars to convert aswell. My main project right now is a noble M12 with a Twin Turbo V6 (which is what it has in real life) the model may be from either juiced 2 or tdu i have both in z3d format ready to be worked on but ive never done a tdu convert before so ill most likely do that one :P! The engies im working on are nowhere near done they still have parts to be copied and mirrored over (since their Twin turbo lol) and they need to be textured from 0 like my 2jz that's in my 86. Well im out to chill with my friends all day :]


Monday, December 15, 2008


yesh peepsicles i haz GTA IV. After nearly a week of downloading i finally got it rolf. I had tons of problems with it at first and i had to read up on various bugs/error codes of it. Found out i needed to install the XP SP3 update and i had to reinstall windows LIVE. My Nvidia 7950 GT plays IV on LOWEST quite shittily. im building a new rig this weekend tho so i should be able to play on high at a good fps. i used some hack/mod thingy to be able to edit the handling so i installed a drift line on the blista. great fun and it looks damn good even on lowest lol.

pics of mah blista ;D :

^after xD^

blista drifting wewt! ima install the line on a minivan next :P


Monday, December 8, 2008

2jz Ae86 lmfao

Yesh this most likely isnt posible in real life (lmfao) but i did it in a game so what u gonna do bout it bish lol. i bet ur all gonna call me a ricer now since my car aint realistic anymore ( scaling is perfect tho :] ) but idc i think its a alright idea and nobody has done it before so im the first! The engine is from somewhere (buwahaha) it has full 3d internals and shart but i didnt add the pistons and connecting rods and most of that bs cause 1st of all u wont see it so whats the point and 2nd of all its just more wasted polygons that lag my comp. Even thought i deleted the crap i didn't need, the engine by itself comes to about 48k polys. STILL! No lag, only some with HDR but thats not uncommen. and yes i made new HDR settings they are teh pwn, even at night :]

Pics for you chinks to stare at: