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Saturday, April 25, 2009


BIG thanks to LP for helping me with my textures prob ;p!!!! The Scion project wont be scrapped and itll be continued and released :)


I booted up zmod and opened my scion, everything is fucked. Since my new comp has a diff name under Documents and Settings (my name lol) none of the texture directories work anymore. I tried changing them to my name and hitting apply, it still doesnt load them D:!!!! If ANYONE can tell em how to fix it ill release the scion when its done >.< thanks. and hers a pic:

Help mehhhhh!!!!! :(((((((

baibai :/


Marlboro added a new Fire Safety coating on their cigs that make them go out if left unattended. It makes them taste weird and i was thinking about changing the cigs i smoke cause of it. Im statin to get used to it tho i'll stick wif mah good ol marl's FTW :D

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wewf! Im a dawg and i r back! I got my new comp, its working my friend Shane built it for me when i wasn't home lol. I have alot of shit to put back on my computer from dvd's. Ill install msn as soon as i get everything working.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NO updates for awhile...

Well my computer is broken. It was acting weird so i decided to finally format it. I did so and reinstalled windows and its still fucking up and already has a few viruses when i dont even have my wireless internet card installed. I formatted again and now it wont run at all. Im completly getting rid of this computer and im gonna build a whole new better one in the next few days hopefully. I still dont have any money so i dunno how im gonna buy parts but ill hopefully get something.


PS= tizio quit fucking spamming my chatbox, its pissing me off.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another small update on the Scion

I fixed/changed a few things on the Scion. I got LP to help me with the normals by the taillight and their almost perfect now :D! i welded the front bump to the chassis so the normals match their now aswell. I changed the wheels to ones I think look better lol. And added a Air Duct that goes to the turbo like on the Kei office S15 =]

I know the Interior is pretty stock, i didnt do much to it except model the higher quality Scion stereo and add red neon. :-]


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scion tC Rado Widebodykit

Finished the kit, i think it came out pretty damn close to the real thing. I know their some normals probs towards the back taillight but ive tried and cant fix them, i got them as good as i can lol.

Theirs the real pic of it again for comparison. :-]


Scion tC with Rado Widebodykit

Well [DC] supra told me bout the kit so he gets credit for that :P! Its still wip as you can see from it only being half the kit. The back part by the taillights is giving me problems. i think i got the shape right but you cant really see it even if you calculate normals lol. Heres a few WIP pics and the original pic to compare : ]

thats the real pic of the kit above, i know i still have to do the wide part by the door but its still WIP so stfu lolz


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scion tC project

xavier guessed it xD one of my current projects is a Scion tC. When I end up getting a car in RL im either getting one of these or a volvo lol. heres a few full pics of it, its still WIP so it aint much lol.

still more to come with this


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Upcoming Stuffs

I got a few projects im working on/finishing up. Heres "hints" to both of em xD people who know dont give it away lol.

Rofl the 2nd one is way too easy. lmfao. Updates on these 2 projects soon. :-]


Honda Civic Type-R "My Style" :D

Finally finished up my civic, i bet alot of you will think its rice cause of the giant woofer in it lolz. Idc. Heres what I did to it:
-Shaved all emblems and doorhandles for a clean look
- Shaved rear hatch door
- Placed my name on front and rear
- Volk rims converted from GRID by me
- 4 wheel camber :Q
- 3D Mugen Engien from SLRR by ?
- Modeled speaker box and speekers throughout the car
- Leopardskin stuffs :D
- New rear lights (aftermarket ones)
- Boost gauge modeled by me
- Epic Smile Face shift Knob by me xD
- 3d Alpine stereo by me
- Marlboro red Cigarette pack by me
- Steering Wheel converted from Juiced 2 by me
- Non Slip racing Pedals by Dewalk28
- Huge Subwoofer (BASSCREATOR ;D) by JVT
- Awesome headlights by me ;D
- Exhaust textured from 0 by me, modeled by DDS Team
- Carbon hood with "Invisable" racing stripes by me ;p
- Bumpers edited/cleaned
- Rollybar by me
- Dark purple window tint
- Sparco seat retextured and converted from RBR by me
- some other stuff but this list is getting too damn long LOL

Download? Check CarbonGear bishnezz :O

As you can tell I really like bass. I love the sound i love the feel ;D My favorite kind of music has alot of it and i feel it suits my crazy life. lol


Monday, April 13, 2009

i aint out yet!

Meh, been bored as hell lately so i decided to start modding again. I got a few projects already and some old ones to still finish like the volvo 242 and the civic. Im hopeing this community doesn't stab me in the back again. Ill be on Msn more often, so get ahold of me there if you want to see pics of my recent projects n shit if they aint up on here.