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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i am DONE with gta for ever

Today was probably one of the worst days of my life. I wake up and my friend Shane drove me to school and he went to the gas station to buy gum and cigarettes. I was blasting his stereo and singing along to Fer Sure by the Medic Droid. it seemed liek a gewd day. when we got to school we talked about him and his boyfriend (hes bisexuel) until evveryone else showed up. I stood with all my freind in the main hallway and talked about the day before and my weekend and shit like normal. My first gay exam was "Creative Writing" all i had to do was write a damn 3 page mystery story and write 4 poems. easy as fawk. Next i had was science but i got cought up in the hallway with my friend who got to leave since he had a studyhall that period. i was talking to him and didnt even hear the bell ring. I was late to my science exam ( i have a 60% D in that class if i do bad on the exam i fail) when your late to the exam you get a 0. But after that exam the day is over and they either let u chill in the lunch room for 3 hours. or u can get a ride and go home lolz. I got a ride from my friend's gramma and we chilled at my friend Suzy's house. We ordered pizza (it was YUMMEH) and played Super Smash bros Brawl on her wii.(yes i was bored lmfao) my gf was with us. she kept sitting on my lap bouncing up and down lolz. (felt gewd x]) but anyways, she started getting really bitchy all of a sudden along with everyone else there. They all started making fun of me and yelling at me for random shit, i dotn even remember what anymore. My gf pushed me so much she made me cry in front of other people. (verrry embaressing) ive cried in front of her b4 but that was only when it was her. then they started ignoring me so i said fine and chilled by myself downstairs. i called my mom and told her i needed to get picked up, she didnt no suzy's exacct address so i told her the street and house number and told her id stand in the driveway. i go outside and wait, im in my skinny jeans (which get cold as fuck lolz) and a small hoody. to sum it up i was outside freezing my goddamn balls off. 15 minutes pass outside so i head back in her garage and call my mum. she tells me she had to call AAA cause she forgot something and pulled in a random driveway but then got stuck. so i was stranded at suzy's house while they were all pissed at me for some random reason for another half and hour. my mom finally pulled in and she drove me home, i really dont live far. She said im grounded again for some reason i really dont know or care its prob cause i never told her i was going over there. then i came home and took 2 advil since i had a fucking terrible headache. (i think somehow it was a delayed hangover, i finished off the vodka bottle the night before heehe) i felt like shit so i went straight to bed. for dinner we had some nasty shit i dunno what its even called i didnt eat it i just said i wasnt hungry. SO i sat down at my comp and was like meh ill check mah blog im bored as fawk. i see comments about all my cars being released...i thought it was just a joke or something so i go on gtainside to see all my goddamn Chargespeed cars uploaded. i dont know who the fuck did it but im telling you right now, if i ever find out who it was, i will trace your ip, come to your house, pull out my moms .44 and shoot you in the kneecaps. then id tell you to stand up, when you cant, id bent your arm back and stomp it(breaking your arm) then id pull out my dull ass pocketknife that cant even cut paper and ill slice your goddamn throat open.

yes you heard me. your probably all like O_O its just a game, well yes it is, and i spent hours and hours working on all those cars that you stole and uploaded. i dont give a fuck that you gave the correct credits. and i know when you hacked me you didnt have to search much seeing as how i made a backup off ALL my cars and shit cause i thought i was getting a new computer. but i dont give a fuck. i was going to upload them EVENTUALLY yes, just like with my supra. and some of the cars i was actually going to sell on a 3D model site to try and get money for my new computer. Now u cant seeing as how their uploaded to a free site. So whoever the fuck you are, thanks for making my day a shitload worse, and if you somehow cant sense sarcasm cause your too damn stupid, then go get pissed slit your wrists and jump off a bridge.

by the way im done with this blog and all my grand theft auto shit. I might mod IV when possible but their is a 5% chance seeing as how it isnt worth my time if people will just steal my work. im seriously going to delete my blog in 4 days. goodbye.

Monday, January 19, 2009


i haz more projektz im working on now. If i talk to you on msn you already know them but ill give a few hints to the people who dont know:

picture names really give it away but oh well. :P! Dont call the civic rice because it isn't lolz.

Mewgin and Lawlvo!!! Chea!!! ill be the first to do a volvo 242 for san andreas, im sure bl3w will be happy, stock version will come after i get it ingame and working. i need to model glass on it since 3D Ripper didn't rip the glass for some reason. The Mewgin was something i thought of after helping my friend Travis convert ze engine and slim down the polycount on it. We were done and i really wanted to thrown that engine in a honda since it was mugen but had no clue, then i thought of a mugen civic! The civic was converted from juiced 2 by tom2 so creds to him, i only edited all the materials and modeled/added some shit on it.

More updates on these 2 projektz later. im off to bed lmfao


Friday, January 16, 2009

Chargespeed Scoobaroo

Well while i was having a mental breakdown on the phone with my gf, i started working i something i thought would be impossible for me to do since i suck at everything. lolz. But i did it and it came out nice :0. Id like to give special thanks to my gf kandi for helping me through my moments. . .


I made a system in the boot for it. came out quite well i think, the blue rings on them light up purple at night, ingame pics as soon as i reinstall San Andreas. I also added the intercooler from my 86 with some edits and a turbo and a scratch made bewst gauge which also lights up purple lolz. I r love purple :D


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Im grounded for a while...

well my mom grounded me for "not telling her" i was staying after school with my gf and a bunch of other people. Then we later saw a movie and hung out at sb's. I told her about these plans on monday and she never forgets fucking anything but now she fucking does. as soon as she dropped off my gf she started bitching at me about never being home now, and how i never told her i was staying after school. I told her i DID tell you i was staying after school on monday and she just had to say NO YOOU DIDN'T. About the not being home shit i said im glad to be away from you thats why. Now all my plans for this week and the week after are fucked. i cant even talk to my gf seeing as how my mom took my phone which I PAYED FOR. i was so damn pissed i went to bed at 10pm yesterday. Then I woke up at 3pm to hear my mom bitching at me to shovel the drive, i said no. She literally punched me in the face and ribs and threw me outside, in my pj's. After i did 1 part of the driveway and came back in i finally vented and bitched her out. Im still so fucking pissed right now. I cant hang with any of my friends, i cant talk to my gf, i cant even go outside. I need a fucking smoke, i cant take much more of this shit. Too bad I only have half a pack left, i feel like i could smoke a whole carton right fucking now. I have nothing else to damn do so ill probably be on msn for a while now and ill work on some of the projects i haven't touched in weeks. Goddammit i cant find my damn lighter, she probably found it and took it. Fucking bitch.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

ive been busy with rl. . .

Well ive been spending alot of time with mah gf. :]! if ive talked to you on msn within the last few weeks uve seen my evo already but meh ill show it off to the peeps who haven't. It still needs dummies n shit but i haven't the time to work on it. Ill finish it eventually, and as soon as the cars from IV are moddable/changeable im converting all my cars/my friends cars to it. well heres a few shitty JPEG pics of some shitty zmod renders of mah evooooooooooooo. and yes it has a single turbo 4 banger, and a clear cylinder head cover. lol

purple is my favorite color so stfu. G@wD D@m h83rZ.