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Sunday, December 21, 2008

projects! projects! projects!

Well i got a shitload of projects to do so within the next few days ill make a update of one of em atleast. Ive got engines to convert and cars to convert aswell. My main project right now is a noble M12 with a Twin Turbo V6 (which is what it has in real life) the model may be from either juiced 2 or tdu i have both in z3d format ready to be worked on but ive never done a tdu convert before so ill most likely do that one :P! The engies im working on are nowhere near done they still have parts to be copied and mirrored over (since their Twin turbo lol) and they need to be textured from 0 like my 2jz that's in my 86. Well im out to chill with my friends all day :]


Monday, December 15, 2008


yesh peepsicles i haz GTA IV. After nearly a week of downloading i finally got it rolf. I had tons of problems with it at first and i had to read up on various bugs/error codes of it. Found out i needed to install the XP SP3 update and i had to reinstall windows LIVE. My Nvidia 7950 GT plays IV on LOWEST quite shittily. im building a new rig this weekend tho so i should be able to play on high at a good fps. i used some hack/mod thingy to be able to edit the handling so i installed a drift line on the blista. great fun and it looks damn good even on lowest lol.

pics of mah blista ;D :

^after xD^

blista drifting wewt! ima install the line on a minivan next :P


Monday, December 8, 2008

2jz Ae86 lmfao

Yesh this most likely isnt posible in real life (lmfao) but i did it in a game so what u gonna do bout it bish lol. i bet ur all gonna call me a ricer now since my car aint realistic anymore ( scaling is perfect tho :] ) but idc i think its a alright idea and nobody has done it before so im the first! The engine is from somewhere (buwahaha) it has full 3d internals and shart but i didnt add the pistons and connecting rods and most of that bs cause 1st of all u wont see it so whats the point and 2nd of all its just more wasted polygons that lag my comp. Even thought i deleted the crap i didn't need, the engine by itself comes to about 48k polys. STILL! No lag, only some with HDR but thats not uncommen. and yes i made new HDR settings they are teh pwn, even at night :]

Pics for you chinks to stare at:


Friday, November 28, 2008

More stolen shit. again.

Welp, more shit has been stolen from me (mainly bl3w D::!!). Some noob named "Drift-Fusion" made "his" S14 and released it with parts from bl3w's engine in it (failure). The intake is backwards along with the turbo they dont even connect or come close to the engine block (lmfao). Obviously another kid who has no clue on how cars even work. the turbo fan which I modeled and put on my chargespeed supra was convieniently placed in the turbo "RB26" of Drift-Fusion's s14. I specifically put in the readme dont edit/steal my shit period and i even locked the dff and put a message in the dff saying DONT EDIT OR STEAL MY SHIT with a copyright symbol. Damn kids never learn, yes im a "kid" myself but im more mature than these kids. no more shit released EVER. this is the reason why i was GOING to leave this shitty community, yea it has some good people (bl3w, fujicakes :], SDrifter, Gwippy McGwipples ;D, Ryo200, etc) but for the most part their just dumb kids who steal and make anything they think is "cool". Im just gonna keep to myself and my friends from now on, and im just gonna chill with my girlfriend and freinds from school fuck this shit.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FC for Drifty's contest?

Not sure bout whats up wif the contest cause i haven't checked yet but heres my FC
shat i did:
-2 different rims (thansk to fujicakes for modeling the sweet back drag wheels ;D)
-highpoly V8 engine (33k polys by itself xD)
-modeled my name and lit as neon P:
-modeled a fuel cell (idea from bl3w)
-modeled allstar killswitch (idea from bl3w)
-side pipes xD
-flipped interior and remapped the entire thing for right hand drive and a higher res carpet
-battery is from the Kei Office S15 by Blessed/SupaSupra (was too lazy to model lmfao)
-ripped hood scoop from j2 and spliced to the FC's hood ;)
-pj from LFS creds to whoever amde it ;0 i just moved some decals lol
-modeled another License plate :3
-modeled alpine stereo
-stole the guages i modeled for my 86 and stuck them in xD
-mph/rpm main guages from the FD in j2
-8 ball shift knob xD
-ummm momo sterring wheel from j2
-seats from j2 retextured red
-modeled some quick rear lights (not great i know but i did in like 5 mins lol :S)
-modeled teh A/C mesh thingy in interior xD (cant see well in pics :S)
-modeled the enginebay
-edited the body/front bumper : )

I hope i place alright in the competition : )

Sunday, November 16, 2008


well first update in a long as time.:O I looked for a job in my area with no luck, most require 16 and older so 15 aint cuttin it. Parents are pissed at me for doing kinda bad in school (2 D's pfft) im lookin to go get my hair cut this coming weekend then dye it with some friends. Its really damn long and its getting annoying to shake it out of my eyes :/. I still need to make pics of my FC for Drifty's contest even though its done i haven't got around to making pics of it yet. I got a huge stupid english project to do aswell and homework is my 1st priority now so meh. My new msn is im only adding people i know.

kthxbai bitches >:O

Monday, November 10, 2008

i guess im still in O_O

vote results say i should stay O_O i guess i will kinda ;o ill still play gta and make mods n all that shit lol but not as much cause i got better shit to do ;o!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

XSB and Sagara

Im not 100% sure about what happened but this Sagara guy is a prick. He says he got the r34 from "someone else" just a dumb excuse. XSB really just wants to get the point across that you cant just edit his shit without asking and that is right. Its fucking annoying when people steal your shit and use it/claim it as their own like with my supra(s). Sagara, what the fuck is wrong with you. XSB even offered to help you make a V2 of it and your just banned him off your chatbox and were a prick about it. If you dont change your ways your going nowhere in life if you cant even act properly on the internet even. Too much goddamn drama in this community. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

im out. . .

im sick of this "community" it is full of backstabbers, liers and noobs. Althought their are a few people that i still trust and i will still be friends with, this community is ruined.

My last car is the FC for Drifty's contest. It wont be my best work cause i dont really care anymore.

Im going to delete my blog in one week.

Im out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FC Contest entered!

I entered Drifty's FC Contest, sounded like fun so figured what the hell might as well join -] <-cyclops lol. I went to google and saw what kind of engine swaps have been done to FC's and found a good idea -D! now im using this really high quality engine for my FC lets see what the other contestants use -P! i aint spoilin wut kind of engine it iz but it definetly is unique. -)

Come on peeps! Join the Contest!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chargespeed Supra. . . . .

well thanks to many many many pricks out there who are passing my old shitty version of my supra im just gonna release my newest one since i bet ud just hack me for it anyways, plus the whole car isnt rare or meaningful anymore. I uploaded it to gtainside and i just sent it to worldmods so no noobs can release it with the wrong credits like they have done to me in the past.

Pikchure spam:


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here is meh Chargespeed S2000. :) Nobody is gonna get it buwahahahahahaha :3

PJ is buyable at Transfender ;p

carcols compatable
Little Drift ;p

Download? H3LlZ n@w B!5h


awwwww hes so cute :3 ( no im not gay lol ) thanks to ryo200 for making the basic shape for meh i just added details and made it more accurate, modeled the mouth/teef and cleaned up extra polies :D


^^^ oh snap its a S2000! :O! ^^^

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey whores, noobs, friends and twats. I r herez 2 prezent ze new poopspeed carz. Some dumb nub hacked noedel and got my Supra. Now [GDT]Shark is using my Supra as a bribe for people to join their gay ricer clan. Free2Drift is passing it to everyone along with Neo, Matts and hyatzumi and most likely sanger aswell. i really dont see why everyone hates me so much to steal my shit, seeing as how i never did anything to them. and the people who are passing my car wont even grow some balls and talk to me. Well here is the Chargespeed FD3S i did for somebody ;p

Download? Fuck no and nobody else has it so hack me this time niggers. And the pics of the S2000 and updated Supra will be here soon ;)