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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Fucking Christmas

Merry Fucking Christmas! Aint gettin much just gettin money which ill be spending this weekend on a pipe, clothes and shit. lol. I was playing nitto 1320 but i changed my password and idk what the fuck i changed it to LOL. blehhhh game was finally starting to get to be fun and now that account i had is fucked lmfao. Getting my car n license at the end of this school year. yay lol. Prolly going to do shrooms soon, they sound sweet as fuck and their somewhat cheap. Plus i could use something to get parents n shit off my mind. Id much rather be tripping balls n seeing shit than staying at home listening to my parents bitch. lmfao.

Merry Xmas


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


My comp was fucked for about a month its finally fixed and upgraded n crap. Plays GTA IV on high and Crysis on Med. Idc I dont play game much anymore. Prolly going to be getting a car soon, lots of cheep rx7's and mk3 supras by me im prolly gunna get one of em, or a volvo if all else fails LOL. Prolly not gunna keep up with this gta bullshit anymore since its pretty old. lol I gotta reinstall msn so i might be on sometimes idk. I didn't quit smoking i know i said i did and i did for 2 1/2 weeks. lol. ive gained a nasty ass cough and cough up blood occasionally, thats not bad rite? LOL. my body's pretty fucked up for only being 16... :/. Dont do drugs kids.


Friday, October 16, 2009


Bored as fuck when im home so i started to make a replica of my friends jeep lol

i know it aint my best work but i havent touched zmod in months and im remember shit as i go lol. And i no it has some bugs n shit ill fix later and the interior sux i know lawl.


mmm monster lol.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Fuck Cigarettes!!! im quitting with my friend(s) soon as he finishes off his carton he bought awhile ago (4 packs left). All my friends agreed to all quit at once and im joining in aswell. Its too expensive and does nothing benefiting. I also quit smoking weed aswell but i quit that before everyone else and they are quitting that aswell lol. I think this time now that i have support from ALL my friends to quit im going to actually do it. =]


Sunday, August 30, 2009

lol cigarettes

are annoying as fuck. Quit for 2 weeks then i ended up getting pissed at people n started again. Went through a bunch o diff types. Marb Reds, Smooths, Lucky Strikes, Newports, Marlboro Lights, Ultra Lights, Marb Menthols. Dunno wtf i like the most i get whatever now lawl. Hopefully i will quit for REAL soon cause its too damn expensive without a job n a $5 allowence which i blow within the day i get it on cigs.

Also dunno what to do wtih the video game crap, been playing alot of Nitto 1320 when im bored as FAWK n been thinking about starting some gta shit once again since i got nothing else to do yet. School starts in a week or so, so till then no clue. Maybe more updates soon idk. lolz


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Most of you guize no....

that i dont waste my time on modding games anymore. :0! I've got better things to do over the summer like partys, alcohol, n various other things that are fun and involve drugs and extreme amounts of fun :D KTHXBAI2U =]

One Louve Meh Bredah!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Sunday, July 5, 2009

New project

Sneak peek at my new project.......;p! If i talk to you on msn i can show u mroe pics but most people Im friends wif have already seen em ;p! Heres one. =D

=D! Peace.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stock Volvo 240/242 Turbo Release!

Hey...wus up! Finished up some work on the Volvo 242 (stock) Im releasing it even tho its a little early to. After talking with Franko it has some things that still need fixing like stock mirrors and de[spec] the tires etc... but im getting sick of this car lol. Heres some pics let them do the talking cause i dont feel like it ;0


have phun. Ill fix it eventually, when i feel like it lawl.

cheers :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Stock Volvo 240/242 Turbo

Heres some pics of the Progress on it. still go some shit to dew like model the emblems on the boot and remove the fuel cap from its current position and put a normal one lol. I also need to model a quick rotor for the wheels =]

Dunno when ill release but will be soon. After releasing this crappy stock one with a tiny ass turbo ill make my one style one =]]]]

peace =]

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Volvo 242 V2

Updated the Volvo. Added the number on the sides and fixed the mapping on the left door.


Enjoy :)

Lightspeed Volvo 242 RELEASE =]

Releasing the Volvo on here =] Exclusive to CG and my blog :)

-Sa Style Lights
-Realistic Damage (yes i made damage for once lawl)
- Other Crap :0

Let the Pictures do the talking =D


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mah Burfdai

Happy Burfdai to meh!

Wooo! Thats not the cake im actually getting but i wish it was lawl. Will release the Rally Volvo 242 today alot later.

Peace =]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sorry for no updates

Ive been busy with summer school and playing project torque. Ill post some updates of my wip's soon though. I also have a idea on where to get a better model of a mazda rx7 FC ^^

Monday, May 25, 2009

Scion tC released!

check it! its only on carbongear! Don't upload anywhere else without asking me first! enjoy


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Supralov3r tuning open fo bidnezz y0!

lol i "acquired" a mod that moves the doherty garage to an area by arch angels so their isnt that shitty camera when you go inside! ;D! i made a few pics ;o

NO i wont send you it idc if ur my best friend the person i got it from told me not to say their name or send it to anyone and im a man of my word :]

and i made the new textures for it myself :]]]]]]]


Saturday, May 23, 2009

New ENB settings!

Ive been working on these slowly and they still need some work done but heres a few pics:

It looks a Shitload better during the day but it could still be better. Ill work on these more when i feel like it lol.


Scion tC Rado FINISHED

I finished the Psyawn TeeSee Raydow. :o i think it came out pretty damn nice.
Heres a List of shit done:
- Kit from j2, heavily edited by supralov3r©
- Intercooler/piping from SLRR original by Rodney007
- Exhaust Header/Turbo from SLRR by NIX© and Mihon© edited by supralov3r©
- Light Up Name on grill by supralov3r© (Not vehiclelights)
- Red Under Dash Neons by supralov3r© (Not vehiclelights)
- Rims Converted from GRID by supralov3r© (dunno the name of em lol their on the 350)
- Exhaust by DDS Team textured by supralov3r©
- Scratch made 3d Scion stereo by supralov3r©
- Newport Cigarette Pack scratch made by supralov3r© (What i smoke now lol)
- Red Neon hood squirters ;0 by supralov3r©
- Spider Gear Shift Knob scratch made by supralov3r©
- Momo Steering Wheel Converted from j2 by supralov3r©
- 3d Boost guage Scratch made by supralov3r©
- Ipod nano Scratch made by supralov3r©
- Woofers by JVT©
- Seats Converted from RBR by supralov3r© original author RTS©
- some other crap i cant remember lol

I will release a more Stockish version sometime soon prolly. I aint releasing my version with all the scratch made stuff for people to steal, cause im sick of that shit. I lock my dff's for a reason you assholes.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scion tC Rado...

Well i have been bored since im grounded cause my mom found out i went to that party lmfao. So i decided to get the Scion ingame last night. It still has a few bugs (obviously) but here it is. : ]

ENB!!! RAWR!!!! :D!

its basically perfect cept the hood bug (overlapping polys cause j2 is weird lol) the grill (texture got buggered) and the handling n shit lol. More updates soon :-]


Saturday, May 9, 2009


This week i planned to go to a party with mah friend shane and finally get drunk (havent been drunk in a helluva long time) We went to my friend melissas house and waited till some retarded loud people left then we started drinking. I ended up taking 13 shots of cheap vodka (12$ gallon bottle lmfao) and 3 of hypnotiq. I remember actually drinking and before that, but not much else O_O I was supposidly outside in her garage puking for over 2 hours, then i passed out on her couch. I remember my friends sister and her bf coming to walk me to her house to sleep there lol. thats it tho o.o Today i had a fucking hangover from hell and almost every store i went in today i ended up puking in lolz. 10 times i puked today, but last night was fawking funnnnnn. Heres a pic one of my friends sent me of me passed the fuck out on melissas couch LOL

stfu dont call me a emo faggot ive heard that literally hundreds of times.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


BIG thanks to LP for helping me with my textures prob ;p!!!! The Scion project wont be scrapped and itll be continued and released :)


I booted up zmod and opened my scion, everything is fucked. Since my new comp has a diff name under Documents and Settings (my name lol) none of the texture directories work anymore. I tried changing them to my name and hitting apply, it still doesnt load them D:!!!! If ANYONE can tell em how to fix it ill release the scion when its done >.< thanks. and hers a pic:

Help mehhhhh!!!!! :(((((((

baibai :/


Marlboro added a new Fire Safety coating on their cigs that make them go out if left unattended. It makes them taste weird and i was thinking about changing the cigs i smoke cause of it. Im statin to get used to it tho i'll stick wif mah good ol marl's FTW :D

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Wewf! Im a dawg and i r back! I got my new comp, its working my friend Shane built it for me when i wasn't home lol. I have alot of shit to put back on my computer from dvd's. Ill install msn as soon as i get everything working.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NO updates for awhile...

Well my computer is broken. It was acting weird so i decided to finally format it. I did so and reinstalled windows and its still fucking up and already has a few viruses when i dont even have my wireless internet card installed. I formatted again and now it wont run at all. Im completly getting rid of this computer and im gonna build a whole new better one in the next few days hopefully. I still dont have any money so i dunno how im gonna buy parts but ill hopefully get something.


PS= tizio quit fucking spamming my chatbox, its pissing me off.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another small update on the Scion

I fixed/changed a few things on the Scion. I got LP to help me with the normals by the taillight and their almost perfect now :D! i welded the front bump to the chassis so the normals match their now aswell. I changed the wheels to ones I think look better lol. And added a Air Duct that goes to the turbo like on the Kei office S15 =]

I know the Interior is pretty stock, i didnt do much to it except model the higher quality Scion stereo and add red neon. :-]


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scion tC Rado Widebodykit

Finished the kit, i think it came out pretty damn close to the real thing. I know their some normals probs towards the back taillight but ive tried and cant fix them, i got them as good as i can lol.

Theirs the real pic of it again for comparison. :-]


Scion tC with Rado Widebodykit

Well [DC] supra told me bout the kit so he gets credit for that :P! Its still wip as you can see from it only being half the kit. The back part by the taillights is giving me problems. i think i got the shape right but you cant really see it even if you calculate normals lol. Heres a few WIP pics and the original pic to compare : ]

thats the real pic of the kit above, i know i still have to do the wide part by the door but its still WIP so stfu lolz