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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

FC Contest entered!

I entered Drifty's FC Contest, sounded like fun so figured what the hell might as well join -] <-cyclops lol. I went to google and saw what kind of engine swaps have been done to FC's and found a good idea -D! now im using this really high quality engine for my FC lets see what the other contestants use -P! i aint spoilin wut kind of engine it iz but it definetly is unique. -)

Come on peeps! Join the Contest!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chargespeed Supra. . . . .

well thanks to many many many pricks out there who are passing my old shitty version of my supra im just gonna release my newest one since i bet ud just hack me for it anyways, plus the whole car isnt rare or meaningful anymore. I uploaded it to gtainside and i just sent it to worldmods so no noobs can release it with the wrong credits like they have done to me in the past.

Pikchure spam:


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here is meh Chargespeed S2000. :) Nobody is gonna get it buwahahahahahaha :3

PJ is buyable at Transfender ;p

carcols compatable
Little Drift ;p

Download? H3LlZ n@w B!5h


awwwww hes so cute :3 ( no im not gay lol ) thanks to ryo200 for making the basic shape for meh i just added details and made it more accurate, modeled the mouth/teef and cleaned up extra polies :D


^^^ oh snap its a S2000! :O! ^^^

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey whores, noobs, friends and twats. I r herez 2 prezent ze new poopspeed carz. Some dumb nub hacked noedel and got my Supra. Now [GDT]Shark is using my Supra as a bribe for people to join their gay ricer clan. Free2Drift is passing it to everyone along with Neo, Matts and hyatzumi and most likely sanger aswell. i really dont see why everyone hates me so much to steal my shit, seeing as how i never did anything to them. and the people who are passing my car wont even grow some balls and talk to me. Well here is the Chargespeed FD3S i did for somebody ;p

Download? Fuck no and nobody else has it so hack me this time niggers. And the pics of the S2000 and updated Supra will be here soon ;)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A message to hyatzumi

You're right, I get it
It all makes sense, you're the perfect person
So bright, so wrong
Let's all live in your imaginary life

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stock supra FOR J00

Sorry for being retarded. : /

I know their already is a stock supra converted from j2 on gtainside but i still figured id do my own since it was sitting in a z3d half done for a week or so ;o (Download at bottom of post :) )
it r haz:
-good collision
-Sa Style lights
-Sa Style Plates
-realisticish handling lol
-no damage cause im lazy lol
-all stock :)
-3 extras ;o!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Forget my suicide

After making that post i took some of my anti depressants and finally just forgot about everything lol. Im not dead. . . yet : /