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Monday, May 25, 2009

Scion tC released!

check it! its only on carbongear! Don't upload anywhere else without asking me first! enjoy


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Supralov3r tuning open fo bidnezz y0!

lol i "acquired" a mod that moves the doherty garage to an area by arch angels so their isnt that shitty camera when you go inside! ;D! i made a few pics ;o

NO i wont send you it idc if ur my best friend the person i got it from told me not to say their name or send it to anyone and im a man of my word :]

and i made the new textures for it myself :]]]]]]]


Saturday, May 23, 2009

New ENB settings!

Ive been working on these slowly and they still need some work done but heres a few pics:

It looks a Shitload better during the day but it could still be better. Ill work on these more when i feel like it lol.


Scion tC Rado FINISHED

I finished the Psyawn TeeSee Raydow. :o i think it came out pretty damn nice.
Heres a List of shit done:
- Kit from j2, heavily edited by supralov3r©
- Intercooler/piping from SLRR original by Rodney007
- Exhaust Header/Turbo from SLRR by NIX© and Mihon© edited by supralov3r©
- Light Up Name on grill by supralov3r© (Not vehiclelights)
- Red Under Dash Neons by supralov3r© (Not vehiclelights)
- Rims Converted from GRID by supralov3r© (dunno the name of em lol their on the 350)
- Exhaust by DDS Team textured by supralov3r©
- Scratch made 3d Scion stereo by supralov3r©
- Newport Cigarette Pack scratch made by supralov3r© (What i smoke now lol)
- Red Neon hood squirters ;0 by supralov3r©
- Spider Gear Shift Knob scratch made by supralov3r©
- Momo Steering Wheel Converted from j2 by supralov3r©
- 3d Boost guage Scratch made by supralov3r©
- Ipod nano Scratch made by supralov3r©
- Woofers by JVT©
- Seats Converted from RBR by supralov3r© original author RTS©
- some other crap i cant remember lol

I will release a more Stockish version sometime soon prolly. I aint releasing my version with all the scratch made stuff for people to steal, cause im sick of that shit. I lock my dff's for a reason you assholes.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scion tC Rado...

Well i have been bored since im grounded cause my mom found out i went to that party lmfao. So i decided to get the Scion ingame last night. It still has a few bugs (obviously) but here it is. : ]

ENB!!! RAWR!!!! :D!

its basically perfect cept the hood bug (overlapping polys cause j2 is weird lol) the grill (texture got buggered) and the handling n shit lol. More updates soon :-]


Saturday, May 9, 2009


This week i planned to go to a party with mah friend shane and finally get drunk (havent been drunk in a helluva long time) We went to my friend melissas house and waited till some retarded loud people left then we started drinking. I ended up taking 13 shots of cheap vodka (12$ gallon bottle lmfao) and 3 of hypnotiq. I remember actually drinking and before that, but not much else O_O I was supposidly outside in her garage puking for over 2 hours, then i passed out on her couch. I remember my friends sister and her bf coming to walk me to her house to sleep there lol. thats it tho o.o Today i had a fucking hangover from hell and almost every store i went in today i ended up puking in lolz. 10 times i puked today, but last night was fawking funnnnnn. Heres a pic one of my friends sent me of me passed the fuck out on melissas couch LOL

stfu dont call me a emo faggot ive heard that literally hundreds of times.