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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Honda Civic Type-R "My Style" :D

Finally finished up my civic, i bet alot of you will think its rice cause of the giant woofer in it lolz. Idc. Heres what I did to it:
-Shaved all emblems and doorhandles for a clean look
- Shaved rear hatch door
- Placed my name on front and rear
- Volk rims converted from GRID by me
- 4 wheel camber :Q
- 3D Mugen Engien from SLRR by ?
- Modeled speaker box and speekers throughout the car
- Leopardskin stuffs :D
- New rear lights (aftermarket ones)
- Boost gauge modeled by me
- Epic Smile Face shift Knob by me xD
- 3d Alpine stereo by me
- Marlboro red Cigarette pack by me
- Steering Wheel converted from Juiced 2 by me
- Non Slip racing Pedals by Dewalk28
- Huge Subwoofer (BASSCREATOR ;D) by JVT
- Awesome headlights by me ;D
- Exhaust textured from 0 by me, modeled by DDS Team
- Carbon hood with "Invisable" racing stripes by me ;p
- Bumpers edited/cleaned
- Rollybar by me
- Dark purple window tint
- Sparco seat retextured and converted from RBR by me
- some other stuff but this list is getting too damn long LOL

Download? Check CarbonGear bishnezz :O

As you can tell I really like bass. I love the sound i love the feel ;D My favorite kind of music has alot of it and i feel it suits my crazy life. lol


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