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Monday, December 8, 2008

2jz Ae86 lmfao

Yesh this most likely isnt posible in real life (lmfao) but i did it in a game so what u gonna do bout it bish lol. i bet ur all gonna call me a ricer now since my car aint realistic anymore ( scaling is perfect tho :] ) but idc i think its a alright idea and nobody has done it before so im the first! The engine is from somewhere (buwahaha) it has full 3d internals and shart but i didnt add the pistons and connecting rods and most of that bs cause 1st of all u wont see it so whats the point and 2nd of all its just more wasted polygons that lag my comp. Even thought i deleted the crap i didn't need, the engine by itself comes to about 48k polys. STILL! No lag, only some with HDR but thats not uncommen. and yes i made new HDR settings they are teh pwn, even at night :]

Pics for you chinks to stare at:


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