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Saturday, May 9, 2009


This week i planned to go to a party with mah friend shane and finally get drunk (havent been drunk in a helluva long time) We went to my friend melissas house and waited till some retarded loud people left then we started drinking. I ended up taking 13 shots of cheap vodka (12$ gallon bottle lmfao) and 3 of hypnotiq. I remember actually drinking and before that, but not much else O_O I was supposidly outside in her garage puking for over 2 hours, then i passed out on her couch. I remember my friends sister and her bf coming to walk me to her house to sleep there lol. thats it tho o.o Today i had a fucking hangover from hell and almost every store i went in today i ended up puking in lolz. 10 times i puked today, but last night was fawking funnnnnn. Heres a pic one of my friends sent me of me passed the fuck out on melissas couch LOL

stfu dont call me a emo faggot ive heard that literally hundreds of times.