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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sanger tried to hack me LMAO

Well i woke up around 4 pm today like i usually do to find about 13 msn messages up : / i was like WTF i signed off. So i talked to people and asked when i was on they said aboot 6 hours ago (i was sleeping lol) then slick told me some shit about that Tubkez or whatever the fuck and they signed in as some other person and gave me a link to some website where i signed up not knowing they were going to use my password to change shit lol. So i belive its either all Tubkez or it was for that dumb kid Sanger who tried to hack me. im still rofling at this seeing as how my clan has a password set up so if on the occasion somebody posed as me then can tell and they wont send anything. so sanger....... OWNED! BTW grow the fuck up you dumb kid, who tries to steal someones msn for a fucking car lol IN A GAME! ROFL

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