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Thursday, January 1, 2009

ive been busy with rl. . .

Well ive been spending alot of time with mah gf. :]! if ive talked to you on msn within the last few weeks uve seen my evo already but meh ill show it off to the peeps who haven't. It still needs dummies n shit but i haven't the time to work on it. Ill finish it eventually, and as soon as the cars from IV are moddable/changeable im converting all my cars/my friends cars to it. well heres a few shitty JPEG pics of some shitty zmod renders of mah evooooooooooooo. and yes it has a single turbo 4 banger, and a clear cylinder head cover. lol

purple is my favorite color so stfu. G@wD D@m h83rZ.